Yurtananda | About

In 2021 Haris hosted David “Durga Das” Newman and it instantly became clear that this land was meant to become a space to hold small private concerts and events. Haris and Evan are constantly creating, developing  and transforming so it can comfortably be shared with friends, family, yogis, and kirtan/ music lovers. Please read this site closely. Haris has outlined a fairly strict protocol for joining her at Yurtananda at any of her intimate private gatherings that keeps the county and neighbors happy.


About Haris

Haris Harini Lender has been a Yogi, business owner, and since her first concert in the early 70’s (The Carpenters… yes that’s what we said) a HUGE concert goer.  There have been MANY Grateful Dead shows along the way,  just about every other popular  70’s  band, and so much more. She was one of the first Yogis to bring Kirtan to Tampa Bay just after her 200 hour Yoga TT in  2000. Haris then went on to create Kidding Around  Yoga, an international music based Kids Yoga Teacher Training  Company. During her lockdown in 2020 at Yurtananda, she decided to retire. If you are reading this you know how that ended! As Haris likes to put it…. “I’ve been  training for this my whole life”. 

About Evan

When Haris met Evan on a dating app in 2006  his “handle” was “Easy Goin’ Ev”. When you meet him you’ll see why! Evan is the perfect partner for Haris in all of her amazing ideas and projects and is always right there ready and available to  help with whatever needs to be done. Since Haris’ retirement Evan has been running their company Kidding Around Yoga. KAY is an international Kids Yoga company. He also plays the guitar, peddle steel and mandolin. You’ll definitely see Evan on the golf cart and hopefully on the stage one day!