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What to Expect

What to Expect at a Yurtananda Event

1. We only accept up to 100 registrations for any given event. Please register and make your donation at the same time. We do prefer digital donations but if you can’t do that there is a donation jar at the event.

 2. It helps us to keep things going if you offer a donation. Most of the money goes to the musicians but there are many expenses required to pull each event off. Porta Potty rentals, prepping the grounds, clean up etc. How do you know how much to donate? A suggested love offering is posted for each event based on the needs/travel distance of the performers. This is not a “business” or money making venture for Haris but by offering a donation you help Haris to not lose money. 

3. If you would like to attend but cannot swing the donation we would love for you to volunteer. We need help with the parking lot, set up, break down and clean up. Contact Haris: 727-420-1671

4. This is a private gathering open to my friends and their friends and their friends. You are responsible for any accidents that may occur. Please be mindful. 

5. To stay in compliance with the county… we do not serve any drinks or food. Pack your food, beverage of choice and a blanket and/or chairs. Alcohol is allowed but please be a grown up ya know… since you have to drive home.  

6. Cigarette smoking is bad for your health, so we highly recommend not doing it. But if you must,  we have provided an outdoor smoking lounge for your convenience.

7. Differently abled friends. We are not handicap accessible… however we  will do our very best to help you to join us depending on your needs. We DO have a golf cart to pick you up in the parking area, and can provide a comfy chair for you or a space for a wheelchair. There are porta potties on the property so you will have to be able to get to one should you need it. Text Haris 727-420-1671 for more info if this is a concern. 

8. No pets please. There are already 3 dogs loose on the property, and there will be kids. Let’s keep everybody safe.

9. The parking lot and property is open 60 minutes before show time. Feel free to come and relax on the deck, hangout in a hammock, enjoy your favorite beverage or just meditate on the deck overlooking The James River.

9. Covid protocol: What’s that?

10. WHAT IF IT RAINS? First of all pray with me all week prior that it won’t! We have quite a few “easy up tents” to sit under if it’s light rain. If it’s a huge downpour of course we will have to cancel. At that point Haris will post on the FB page “Yurtananda” and she will text everybody who preregistered. Another reason to preregister.