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This beautiful space has been the vacation home of Haris Harini Lender since 2000.  During the summer of 2020 (remember that FUN time?) Haris and her husband Evan decided it was a great opportunity to spend some quality time living on their land, which was originally inhabited by the Monacan Indian Nation. Haris and Evan’s stay was intended to be a month and turned into a full time home. During that time many visions for what this property could become, became clear. The space. now encompasses a small music venue, many sheds that serve various purposes, a sauna, jacuzzi, pool house and much more. The property overlooks The Mighty James River and the foothills of The Blue Ridge Mountains. Concerts will be held random and monthly (ish) between March and November. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on FB to stay informed. 

Upcoming Events

Bhakti Boyz & The Oversteppers | 9.10.23

Come enjoy the scenery and, lighthearted, beat-driven music with the Bhakti Boyz and roots rock reggae with The Oversteppers.

Accommodations & Kayaking

This is not a resort, however there are a few RV hook ups and primitive camping areas. If you give us enough notice we are happy to accommodate a few folks who are driving from a distance, for up to two nights. We simply ask for a donation to help us maintain the property.

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What People Say?

In November I attended the David Newman concert. I had not been to a live music concert in two years. Thank you, Haris for the opportunity to reconnect with lots of fun people and my inner joy.  

Lori, Lynchburg, VA