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My name is Haris Harini Lender and I am your hostess.

PLEASE PLEASE NO PETS. We have a sweet doggie vibe going with our own gang of three and sometimes furry visitors cause chaos. Thanks in advance for your understanding. 

In case you haven’t made your donation yet here are the links:

Venmo: @haris-lender   OR   Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/omazing

We prefer digital payments so we can pay the bands a deposit… but If you can’t make a digital payment there will be a donation basket at the event.  

Put the following address for the parking lot into your GPS now, and make sure it works for you. It should! 

108 Comfort Lane, Buckingham, VA 23921

All of the particular information date/time/etc for your event is on our website https://yurtananda.com/ The following information stays the same for each event.

RAIN RAIN RAIN go away… come around another day! Here’s the scoop, we don’t have rain dates. it’s not a full blown hurricane we can usually have a concert. Wear a rain coat, bring an umbrella. We have many easy up tents. And we have a very small indoor studio and can move smaller events into that. We just have to pray and if it rains we take it one show at a time. IF YOU’RE UNSURE IF THE SHOW IS HAPPENING TEXT HARIS: 727-420-1671

Parking lot opens 60 minutes before the event.  Feel free to come early and picnic, stretch, hang out in a hammock, meditate or shmooze with new and old friends. The property is lovely and has a view of The Mighty James River. If you’d like to come REALLY early and borrow a kayak and head out on the river text Haris and we’ll try to work something out. 727-420-1671

After the event, please stay to enjoy a few extra moments as we gather at the top of the hill, overlooking The James River and the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You are welcome to stay up to an hour after the show ends or longer if you are interested in cleaning out the Porta Potty. =)

The location for this event is VERY spacious. Loads of room for you to socially distance and spin around. I have chairs, picnic tables, blankets, backjack chairs, etc for the first 50 people. If you’re planning on arriving late please bring a blanket or chair. This is a private event… county ordinance says no food or beverages will be sold, so please bring your own food, filled water bottle and/or other beverages of your choice.

CAR POOLING IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! For those of you wanting to get out of the city and spend the night in the country, there are a few rental options in the hood. Here is the link to my website with the info:


Should you need to cancel… your space is transferable but like all donations it is non-refundable.

If you have physical limitations please contact me to discuss options for parking. Haris: 727-420-1671

To stay in the loop like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/Yurtananda and sign up for our Newsletter!

I look forward to sharing a joyful experience with you, see you soon!

Stay healthy, happy and free! 

Haris Harini Lender

Questions? Text me 727-420-1671