Strings of the Heart

Strings of the Heart
August 20th, 2023

Live Sitar & Gentle Yoga

 Join Lynn and Jimmy, yoga teachers and musicians, and the members of Strings of the Heart for a unique afternoon of live, wonderful heartfelt music and sweetly fluid yoga practice.

Since 2017 Lynn and Jimmy’s yearly travels to India began in Varanasi, India to study North Indian Hindustani Classical Music and learn how to play sitar and tabla. They have been developing their passion to learn and perform these ancient Ragas which evoke diverse emotional responses and have been scientifically confirmed. Listeners evoke expressions and feelings of melancholy, heartfelt, sentimental feel with moods of love, devotion, joy, calm, happy and sadness.

Enjoy genres from 18th century fashionable court music, Indian groove and love songs that nourish and preserve peace of mind. They look forward to sharing this heartfelt, uplifting and enlightening eastern classical music from the other side of the world.

BONUS YOGA CLASS!  On the same day from 3-4 Lynn and Jimmy will be offering a 1 hour gentle yoga class. Come relax and rejuvenate!

This event is held outdoors at Haris Harini Lender’s beautiful Yurt with sprawling grounds in Buckingham, Virginia, on The Mighty James River.
The parking area opens up 60 minutes prior to the show. Feel free to arrive early and relax in a hammock, meditate or practice some Hatha beforehand. You are welcome to stay an hour afterwards to enjoy the land. It’s insanely beautiful!
Due to county ordinances and keeping our neighbors happy you MUST register online and submit your donation prior to the concert. This allows us to be mindful of our attendance limit. 
Hope to see you soon!
Stay healthy, happy and free…
Haris Harini Lender


SHOW TIME: 4:30PM – 5:30 PM

Suggested love offering: $10-$15


Suggested love offering: $5-$10

Pre-registration is highly recommended!

What to Expect at a Yurtananda Event?


Accommodations & Activities

Enjoy Chair Massage with Aria

Experience ultimate relaxation and calmness by indulging in a chair massage amidst the breathtaking scenery of Yurtananda.

Aria has two Thai yoga trainings, combined with over 200 hours of Ayurvedic Rasayana and a confident healing touch. Chair massage is $1 a minute, table style bodywork is also available by appointment.

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I’m always looking for great musicians. Know somebody? Please contact Haris, text 727-420-1671 or email here.