Yurtananda Yoga Retreat

September 1-4, 2023

About Haris Harini Lender

After raising our blended family, building my kids yoga empire and so much more… I moved to VA to “retire”. Which means I am very busy. It turned out to be a fantastic place to reevaluate what’s truly important to me. I have always been a mountain lover and hiker and living in a Yurt and forcing myself to be outside with my doggies all of the time has truly changed my life. I also had the opportunity to really meditate on what freedom means to me during and after the 2020-2022 years and so I’ve been taking a very deep dive into the medical freedom world. Boy have I lived through and learned alot and I look forward to sharing it with you. Growing my own food, prepping, microgreens, becoming more of my own doctor, and more! I’ll assume this is of interest to you since you are here and thinking about joining me =)

Oh yeah and I am certified at the 500 level, and teach Classical Hatha Yoga from the Sivananda Lineage.  I am also certified in Prenatal, Children, Raja and Stress Management. For the last 15 years I have been an international yoga trainer for my company Kidding Around Yoga.  I ran sleep over kids and family yoga camps for 19 years, but seriously… who cares about all of that anymore?
Let’s just do this thing! 

Here’s what to expect

I have spent the last 3 years building myself a sanctuary that is serving me VERY well and now I’m ready to share with an intimate group of 10 folks. This is not a luxurious retreat, it’s a tad bit rustic AND… we are 30 minutes away from EVERYthing so prepare appropriately. Lodging is offered at an airbnb 1/2 mile down the road. (There are a few potential rustic/camping spots on my property, first come first served) 

What is Yurtananda? It is our private home (a yurt)nestled into 46 acres of land, high up on a ridge overlooking The Mighty James River with panoramic views of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This land was originally inhabited by The Monacan Indians. I can attest to the fact that their spirit is felt in the untouched beauty of much of our property. But you’ll just have to come see for yourself!

We have one Yurt where my husband Evan and I live, and many sheds with different functions. Buildings include Swimmy Hendrix our pool house and work out room, Amy Winehouse our lounge, bar, office and breakfast room for the retreat. Bunky Town and The Barry White House are guest rooms.  Alice Pooper is the guest/camper bathhouse, Frank Crappa is an outhouse.. sorry for the shitty reference, we love you Frank! The stage area is “The New Riders of The Purple Stage” (get it?) and our Yoga Studio which is also a multi purpose room is called The Fifth Dimension.  

 The hill where our yoga studio and camping area is, is referred to as Hilly Nelson.  Can you tell we love music?! All of our spaces are named after bands. Music is our Medicine! 

Contrary to common belief our space is not a Resort or an Airbnb. We are not equipped to have more than a few folks here due to many factors. That is why I have rented an Airbnb in the neighborhood. BUT… we have many OMazing  things to share with you while you are visiting.

Pictures by Stephen Salpukas. More pictures here.


Lodging is offered around the corner at Sky Space, a beautiful Airbnb owned by my dear friend Swami Dayananda.

Location & Contact

The retreat will be held at Yurtananda in Buckingham, VA. The airbnb I have rented for the retreat is a half mile away. A ten minute walk or you can drive, or catch a ride from a variety of folks going back and forth. 

Phone : 727-420-1671
Email : harinilender@gmail.com


The schedule below is subject to minor changes due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. My goal is to allow you to just be if that’s what you want or need, but also to give you the opportunity to “reset” and enrich your life with the practice of Yoga and meditation, the enjoyment of friends and like minded folks, nature, kayaking, a cacao ceremony, exercise, cold plunging, sauna and jacuzzi, divine food, interesting lectures and so much more. I had a friend visit me a few months back, she went down to the river,  jumped into a hammock and I didn’t see her for the rest of the day. She came back completely rejuvenated and blissed out. That could be you =)

Optional Lectures by myself or visiting Yogis to be determined, but possibly:

“Trusting your immune system”

“The Great Awakening and how to keep your balance through the storm”

“Raja yoga, Medical freedom and the quest for truth”

“Prepping for challenging and uncertain times”


  • 2:00 No fee pick up at the C-ville Airport.
  • 3:00 Yurtananda is open…. Come one come all. Snacks are available.
  • 4:00 Tour of Property including how to use Cold Plunge, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Inversion table, etc.
  • 5:30 Stretch and opening circle
  • 6 :30 Dinner
  • 7:30 Sunset- Burn your negative thoughts and things that no longer serve you at the “ F*cket Bucket bonfire” overlooking the James River and the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ice breaker. Let’s jam! Massage chair available. Suggested donation $1-$2 per minute. Jacuzzi time under the magnificent stars.


  •  Self serve continental breakfast available at your airbnb
  • 8-9:30  YOGA
  • 9:30-11:00 Free Time
  • 11-12:30 Microgreen/Fire Cider Workshop
  • 1:00 Lunch
  • 2-5:00 Optional Kayak Trip with Jai Ram-swim 
  • 5-6:30 Free Time/Showers
  • 6:30 Dinner
  • 7:30 Sunset Bonfire, Drum Circle/


  •  Self serve continental breakfast available at your airbnb.
  • 8-9:30 YOGA
  • 9:30-11:00 Free time
  • 11-12:30
    8 min hike to The Mighty James River, Forest bathing/meditation/swim!
  • 1:00 Lunch
  • 3:00-4:30 Lecture w/Vimala
  • 6:30 Dinner
  • 7:30 Lynne and Jimmy Indian Ragas-Tabla/Sitar concert! /Bonfire/Silent Disco


  •  Self serve continental breakfast available at your airbnb
  • 8:30 Check out of Airbnb
  • 9:00-11:30 Yurtananda Cacao-Hatha closing ceremony extravaganza!
  • 11:30 Help yourself to leftovers or fixings for a Sammy etc. Fill your belly or pack to take with you. 
  • Departure anytime before 2:00. No fee drop off at Charlottesville airport. Flight should be for after 2:30. 

Suggested Packing List

2 bathing suits
A hat for tick protection
Bug repellent
Beach/pool towel
Sneakers/hiking shoes and Teva Style shoes to wear IN THE RIVER. The bottom of the river is rocky.
Goggles if you plan on swimming “laps” in the Endless pool.
A book for hammock time. 
A journal for taking notes or journaling
Comfortable clothing for 3 (maybe 4) Hatha Classes.  We have a few yoga mats but if you love yours… bring it!
Fun loose yoga style clothes for a Kirtan or concert.
Two pairs of pants/jeans or cotton comfy style
Flashlight or perhaps your phone is enough?
Light weight rain coat
Crazy outfit for Silent Disco night
Water bottle and small backpack for short hikes around the hood.
If you’re driving and you can help me out and can squeeze it in it would be great if you had your own plate/bowl/mug and silverware. Camp style!

OK “Maybe” I got just a little carried away and went into kids camp mode. You know what to bring!


5 Bedroom Hilltop Villa with Hot Tub

I have rented this entire house for our retreat. The house is a 10 min walk from Yurtananda. 4 out of 5 rooms have 2 beds. One has a queen. Come with a friend and you’ll be real cozy! Share with a new friend and you’ll be friends for life. (Fingers crossed) 
When you click on this link please don’t be confused by the price. Your fee for coming to the retreat includes lodging at this beautiful home. 


IMHO yummy food is one of the most important things in life… so here ya go! (Subject to change)

Primarily vegan, and gluten free… based on the group.
Karma yogis! I always need two helpers who know how to prep food/meals for 30 -60 min before each meal.


There is no scheduled breakfast or chef, as many will eat at your Airbnb but if that doesn’t work for you and you don’t want to eat until after Hatha, breakfast food is available all day, help yourself. Prepare and clean on your own in “Amy Winehouse” our small living room shed.
Instant oatmeal, boxed cereals, fruit, nuts, smoothie ingredients including a plant based protein powder, and a vitamix, nut butters, jelly, gluten free toast and crackers, dairy and vegan yogurts, egg salad, quiche, and vegan lox and cream cheese. 

Saturday Lunch: Sandwich bar with fruit and other snacks. Hummus/Garbanzo bean mash/vegan and non vegan cheese slices, Almond butter and Jelly.
Sunday: Buddah bowls with “Harini tahini”

Monday lunch not included. You can pre-order from a local chef if you want take out for the road. Or.. help yourself to weekend leftovers and make yourself a goodie bag.

Friday: Lentil soup/Gluten and dairy free Eggplant parm/broccoli and Kale Cesar salad/ gluten free garlic bread
Saturday: Vege-cuterie board, PHO
Sunday: Lentil Loaf and mashed potatoes, salad, roasted asparagus

Salad dressings: Evasian (Evan’s concoction), Harini tahini, olive oil and cut lemons, vegan caesar, spray liquid aminos, nutritional yeast.

Available at all times, help yourself … mi casa es su casa. 
Vegan/dairy cheese and crackers, “Perfect” protein bars fruit and trail mix and nuts, smoothies, seasoned pumpkin seeds, Lentil Pate, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Turkish Mushroom Salad, Guac and chips.

Lots of water, tea and coffee. I am a chai fanatic so there is always chai, various mylks and a frother!
We have an amazing Coffee machine. I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life but I hear it’s the best. =)
A few other non alcoholic beverages floating around but if you’re a big flavored seltzer water, green juice, soda, ginger beer or other beverage drinker plan accordingly and pack it in, or have Amazon ship it ahead of time.

I’m not here to tell you how to live your life I’m simply sharing my Sanctuary. You be you! That being said,

ALCOHOL: We’re all grown ups so you’re certainly not going to hear ME say no wine, or whatever floats your boat. Use discretion and be adults. Feel free to bring beer or wine or if you would like to dip into my stash I only ask that you make a donation. Let me know ahead of time so I can be prepared. Honestly one of my favorite times is sitting by our fire with a glass of wine. However… it’s not included in the price of the weekend.

Activities Offered

FREE TIME:  All of the following activities are always available and more!

Daily Yoga and Meditation, Cacao ceremony, Kayak trip from Wingina to our property with Jai Ram,  Cold plunge, Endless pool (work out pool), Weights, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Kirtan and forest bathing. One or two lectures.  Depending on attendance and interest.

Kayaking, River swimming and lounging, “Endless pool” swimming, Cold Plunging, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Short hikes through the woods close to home and through our property, Hangin’ out in the Yoga sling, Inversion table, Hammock time with a book, (we’ve got LOTS of hammocks) Massage Chair or Full massage with Brenda the gr8!, 3 awesome decks with magnificent views of the foothills of The Blue Ridge Mountains with a glass of vino… you be you!

Join Maryandra for a special fusion of Cacao Ceremony, Yoga, Meditation, Music, and Connection. Experience a heart-opening taste of the Guatemalan jungle.

In this experience, you will be guided through mindful consumption of the cacao drink, followed by a journey to the Self using a somatic approach to some of our favorite “feel-good” stretches. Maryandra includes the use of the shamanic drum and rattle, guided visualization and positive affirmations to enhance the journey. The event concludes with a sharing circle, making this a holistic, expansive and grounding experience.

Cacao Ceremony is a mindful practice that involves drinking cacao, the purest form of chocolate. This ancient fruit is known as “Food of the Gods” and “heart-opening medicine.” Cacao is rich in antioxidants and minerals, and naturally contains mood-elevating compounds for deeper states of euphoria and relaxation. It contains the same properties that are released in the brain when we fall in love. Drinking ceremonial cacao increases focus, creativity, cognitive function, and a sense of expansion, love and depth of awareness.

Maryandra uses ceremonial cacao from Cacao Source, an ethical, transparent and sustainable company in Guatemala whose efforts generously support the indigenous families that prepare this high quality product. 

Cost and Sign Up

All prices are per person.

All participants must be 21 or over.

A $200 non refundable deposit is required to secure your spot or you may pay in full. The balance is due no later than July 1st. If the retreat is less than 2 months from the date of registration, the full amount is required.

I have tried to keep the cost down by including the airport pick up, finding one house to put everyone in that doesn’t require a car, and not hiring a kitchen staff. You may see me running around like a chicken with it’s you know what cut off, but otherwise we’d be looking at another huge expense. That being said… I won’t complain if you LOVE to help in the kitchen.

The below pricing does NOT include the Kayak trip ($40) and The Cacao Ceremony ($30)

Full fee if you are staying at Sky Space double occupancy: $695

$625 if you get one of the smaller rooms with no view/small bed. 

There is ONE single room available: $860

Day guests i.e. stay with a friend, find other lodging or maybe you live nearby: $455

Campers: $550 I have room for a few folks who might want to camp on my land, or stay in a very rustic room. First come first served.

Arrive early/Stay late:
If you want a little more bang for your travel buck for $50 per night I might be able to accommodate a few folks at my place one night early or one night later. This does not include any food. Contact me to discuss.

Cancellation policy:

Your deposit is non refundable

You must be paid in full by July 1st. If you paid in full and cancel before July, you get everything back except your deposit. If you cancel during the month of July you get back 80% of your remaining balance. If you cancel in August you get back 50% of your remaining balance. UNLESS by some miracle I have a waiting list and your room is going to be filled.

VENMO: @Haris-Lender
ZELLE: 727-420-1671

After you register, join our Facebook group for travel plans and updates.


Alcohol as I stated above is perfectly fine in moderation. You be you. 

Marijuana is legal in VA. You be you. 

Cigarettes are prohibited on the property. I’m not the surgeon general but I did once hear they are really bad for you!

No doggies. We have 3. Must love dogs. Mine are perfect haha and don’t always like furry company.

Pictures by Stephen Salpukas

Swimmy Hendrix

View of our backyard