Imagine Studio

I hope some day YOU'LL join us

What to expect at a Yoga class at “Imagine Studio”. 

Please read carefully. This may not be the studio for you, but if it is… I can’t wait to see you on your mat!

My name is Haris Harini Lender. I have been teaching Hatha Yoga for 23 years. I’m a certified Integral Yoga teacher at the 500-hr level and also certified in Prenatal, Children, Raja and Stress Management. I have also been an international yoga trainer for the last 12 years. But seriously… who cares about all of that anymore? Let’s just do this thing! 

Class Schedule

FOR NOW classes are held Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 11:00 am-12:00pm.

Surya Lipscombe, who was one of my original trainers (how cool is that?), will be my sub when needed. His class will be different and will be a standard Integral Yoga Class. If there is enough interest, my goal would be that Surya will have his own class on a different day. 

There might even be more “pop up” classes with rock star guest teachers like Nora Vimala Pozzi, Scott Sahaja Evans and more, so join the FB group to stay in the loop.

Location & Contact

Class will be held at Yurtananda in a newly built “toxin free” shed designed for this purpose. 

THE ADDRESS IS: 108 Comfort Lane.
The gate will be open. Carpool if you can. Turn left immediately after the gate and park on the gravel.

Phone : 727-420-1671
Email :


I am asking for a donation/exchange. There are expenses in the purchase of and maintenance of the space so a donation of $7+  is helpful but not required at all.  Nobody will be turned away for monetary reasons. 

VENMO: @Haris-Lender
ZELLE: 727-420-1671

Other offerings dropped in the basket could be:

  • A vegetarian yummy thing that you made

If the following are things you can offer, simply write it on a piece of paper and place it in the basket. 

  • A prayer or blessing for my salvation.. much needed! 
  • Dog sitting/feeding when we’re in town for many hours. 
  • Help next season for setting up or breaking down concerts.
  • Help me clean the studio, let me know, come early or stay late, sweep the porch, vacuum,  clean the porta potty- let me know what you can offer.


Class Details

In a nutshell you are joining me while I practice. Together, we will wash away the cobwebs, stretch our bodies, experience some deep relaxation, meditate and share a closing chant. Of course I’m guiding you and teaching if need be, but you won’t see me walking around the room adjusting or stopping the class to “teach”. It will be a lovely,soft flow. I will be on my mat; there is a lot to cover in an hour! If you’re an experienced Yogi you’ll catch on FAST. If not, we’ll figure it out, but to fully participate you will need to be able to get up and down on a yoga mat. 

There is room for 10-12 folks to join me so to guarantee a space my first preference is that you go to my FB group to RSVP or if you don’t use FB text me. 727-420-1671 I’ll add your name to the list. If you reserved a space via FB or text and you can’t make it, please text me at 727-420-1671 so I can plan appropriately

This is not a standard Integral Yoga class and it might be different from your typical hatha yoga experience,but it’s how we’re gonna roll. It has a nice flow to it and my goal is that you will float out the door. This is my fifth Yoga studio, so I feel confident I know what I’m doing, but I’ll be honest- I’m 60 years old and this time… I’m doing it my way.

 (Spark up the Frank Sinatra) VERY grass roots, low key.

A typical class looks something like this, but with many variations and modifications so while it might be similar, it will also always be different…. If that makes any sense?  

 OM in

Hatha for 35-40 minutes

Forward Fold/Straddle/Squat to standing

Three rounds of modified Sun Salutes. Very flowy…. 

One balancing pose

One more round of Sun Salute on your own. DO YOUR THING

Meet in Savasana….. Supported bridge into quick VERY MODIFIED Shoulder Stand/Plow. 

Laying down spinal twist. Other small modifications and variations. It won’t be exactly the same each week, but that’s how it rolls. 

Yoga nidra 10ish minutes

Pranayama and seated meditation 10ish minutes 

If this is not something you feel able to participate in and you’d like to attend…all are welcome assuming you can modify or simply rest during sections of class that are less suitable for you. 
I will have a few chairs available.

OTHER DETAILS to determine if this is a good fit for you:

  • Must be 13 or older, or old enough to remain in silence for an hour and follow instruction. 
  • If you are new to yoga… Occasionally I can work privately with someone to bring her/him up to speed or another certified yoga teacher in my community can assist you prior to class.
  • Classes are all 60 min and start right on time. Feel free to arrive up to 30 minutes early and stay one hour late to extend your practice time or to enjoy a bagged lunch by the river or with friends at the picnic tables in front of the studio. CLASS MAY RUN FIVE MINUTES  OVER CUZ LIFE HAPPENS
  • Classes are held in silence. No talking from the time you leave your car until the end of class unless you need assistance with something. Silence in the room will be broken after class so if you stay to practice you can expect a different vibe.  Chit Chat, laughter and the sound of community.
  • If you would like to remain in silence to practice or even just while walking out…simply hold up your peace fingers and we will let you be. There will be peace signs at the door you can place in front of your mat as well. 
  • The door to the studio WILL be locked two minutes before start time. I.E. if you want to make it to class and be on time I suggest you arrive ON YOUR MAT no later than 5 minutes before class. Sooo…pulling into the driveway 10-15 minutes before is a good idea. You don’t want to disturb someone else’s peace or be out of breath and frantic when we OM in… right? Please do not knock or try to come in after start time. We’ll see ya next time. Leave as many belongings as you can outside on the porch in the cubbies. I’m trying to leave the studio and our minds clutter free. 
  • Some folks LOVE music during class. Others not so much. 
  • Music will be played during class. Uplifting, soothing, spiritually oriented yogi style or instrumental to help open your heart. Possibly even a popular song or two designed to make you melt on the inside. Silence during meditation or VERY soft Instrumental music. 
  • No perfume please. Essential oils might be used during class to help create a sense of calm. 
  • No phones allowed in the building. 
  • Please bring your own mat and full water bottle. We have no running water
  • There is a Porta Potty just outside of the studio with hand wipes and sanitizer gel. No running water. Did I mention there is NO RUNNING WATER
  • No masks in class… we do a lot of deep breathing. It’s just not healthy.
  • Out of courtesy to everyone in class, I would be so happy if you would consider refraining from attending if you have had any medical shots in the last three weeks. Tequila shots are another story. But don’t have too many because they aren’t good for you either! 
  • The space is open for up to one hour after class to encourage communal gathering. Picnic tables are outside if you want to meet a friend and bring a bagged lunch! Zen eats or Aria may be available for the delivery of a simple post Hatha meal. 
  • You ARE more than welcome to take the 8 min walk down to the river after class to eat or enjoy the stellar vibe and The Mighty James River.  There are picnic tables and hammocks. While you are here for Yoga class please do not walk around our property, past the fence, up near the yurt near our personal living space. 
  • We will shut and lock the gate at 1:15pm 75 minutes after class… so plan accordingly
  • Must love dogs.  I have dogs.  They will not be IN class but they will make their presence known. That said, please leave your own pups at home.
  • Please do not bring “stuff”. We don’t have ANY room for tchotchkies and things, nothing- not even little statues for an altar. Your presence is all we ask for.