Høly River

Høly River
June 4rd, 2023

Høly River is founded by multi-instrumentalists Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price. Fusing together the pulse of drone pop, worldly instrumentation, this experimental music would best be described as a landscape, as a biome all its own.
This musical phenomenon has come to be known as, Earth folk, a type of music inspired thematically by the natural environment: flora, fauna, soil, stars, and the human experience.

From harmonium engulfed melodies to mouth-harp stomp grass, Høly River taps into an embodied and innate celebration of internal and external worlds, attempting to bring them closer together with each beat. On record or in-person, a listener is entranced in the soaring vocal ballads bathed in the moonlight of dance beats and folk-inspired roots.

The music of Høly River carries the message of humanity’s need for reconnection with the earth. Mystically political and wholeheartedly grassroots this DIY band finds themselves playing on large festival stages as well as backyard fire pits of intentional communities around the world.


BONUS CEREMONY!  On the same day from 1-2:30pm Maryandra will be offering a ceremony entitled:

“Cacao and Yoga Journey”

Cacao Ceremony is a mindful practice that involves drinking cacao, the purest form of chocolate. This ancient fruit is known as “Food of the Gods”, and “heart-opening” medicine. Cacao is rich in antioxidants and minerals, and naturally contains mood-elevating compounds for deeper states of euphoria and relaxation. Drinking ceremonial cacao increases focus, creativity, cognitive function, and a sense of expansion, love and depth of awareness—a special way to feel inspired and kickstart a concert!

In this ceremony, you will be guided through mindful consumption, meditation and simple, “feel-good” stretches to help nurture the heart center. Please come with a yoga mat and an optional cushion to sit on.

Maryandra uses ceremonial cacao from Cacao Source, an ethical, transparent and sustainable company in Guatemala whose efforts generously support the indigenous families that prepare this high quality product. This cacao will be available for purchase at the event, at an incomparable price for quality: $35/1 lb block (11-32 servings).

Pre-registration is highly recommended!


Both events are held outdoors at Haris Harini Lender’s beautiful Yurt with sprawling grounds in Buckingham, Virginia, on The Mighty James River.
The parking area opens up 60 minutes prior to the show. Feel free to arrive early and relax in a hammock, meditate or practice some Hatha beforehand. You are welcome to stay an hour afterwards to enjoy the land. It’s insanely beautiful!
Due to county ordinances and keeping our neighbors happy you MUST register online and submit your donation prior to the concert. This allows us to be mindful of our attendance limit. Please do not forget … no dogs. 
Hope to see you soon!
Stay healthy and free…
Haris Harini Lender 



(This is an outdoor show, parking lot opens 60 minutes prior to the event… show starts promptly at 3 pm)

Suggested love offering: $10-$20


Suggested love offering: $10-$20

Pre-registration is highly recommended!

What to Expect at a Yurtananda Event?


Accommodations & Activities

Enjoy Chair Massage with Aria

Experience ultimate relaxation and calmness by indulging in a chair massage amidst the breathtaking scenery of Yurtananda.

Aria has two Thai yoga trainings, combined with over 200 hours of Ayurvedic Rasayana and a confident healing touch. Chair massage is $1 a minute, table style bodywork is also available by appointment.

Please share this event with your Facebook friends so we can spread lots of love. Your friends are my friends.

I’m always looking for great musicians. Know somebody? Please contact Haris, text 727-420-1671 or email here.